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Topic: Starborough's Future Behind Me Mix [90s techno and house]

Made a mix of 90s techno and house tracks I really appreciate for the number 1 radiostation in the galaxy..

Listen here:
https://soundcloud.com/starborough-1/st … ind-me-mix
https://www.mixcloud.com/Starborough/st … nd-me-mix/

Recorded september 2021 @ the Starborough mansion, Dordrecht, using my Pioneer CDJ1000MK2 and MK3 and my Omnitronic TRM202-MK3.

Broadcast October 1st on Intergalactic FM: No Station Such Dedication!

FUSE - Uva (Plus8)
Speedy J - R2D2 (Warp)
Tough Little Unit - Join The Future (Warp)
Homebase - Constant Love (Guidance)
The Infinite Wheel - Lake Of Dreams (R&S / EVA)
Im.mortal music - Slam Dance (Volume)
Cracked - Lucky Girl (The Spacefrogs / Groove Kissing)
Wavescape - Armed Intruders (4th Wave / Dance Arena Productions)
Exquisite Corps - Calling The Quarters (Kk Records)
Spooky - Aqualung (Guerilla Records)
16B - Change (Eye Q)
Underground Resistance - The Theory (UR / Network)

// Floating away in a hole darker than yours //