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I'm pleased to announce a new project that will replace the 'premieres' process for Dark Science Electro on Soundcloud. The name of this new endeavor is 'Electro Rewind'. The idea behind it is to shed light on some older tracks that people might have missed. Not only is this meant to engage new fans of Electro (of which there are many) with some old content that they may be unacquainted with, but also to bring smiles to those long-time fans who remember the years past in Electro music.

My following on Soundcloud currently sits at 16,000 and my weekly listens hover around the 10k mark so I want to use my remaining 'reach' as much as I can to strengthen our beloved genre in any way that I can. Of course, that has always been my intention with everything I have done in my unpaid role as curator of Dark Science Electro. The new process called 'Electro Rewind' can be thought of like a reverse premiere of sorts and will contain links to current projects by the artist as well as additional resources for that artist. This process will be invite-only and will likely be limited to 1 or 2 posts per week to avoid over-saturation. I will, of course not be monetizing the tracks I publish to ensure that I don't profit off the brilliant, classic music of my colleagues.

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@Scape-One is a long-running music project by Kurt Baggaley of the UK. He mixes analog synths with synthetic beats crossing over from Electro/Wave to Deep/Techno. A highly respected veteran of Electro music, he still produces and releases music under the monicker Scape One as well as Tau Sagittarii.

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Carl Finlow is an English producer that produces under the aliases Random Factor, Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, and of course, Carl Finlow.

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Born in Liverpool England, from an early age Carl was listening to electronic music by the likes of Japanese master Isao Tomita and since 1986 he has been making his own music with computers. He started to put music onto records in the early 1990s and soon became involved with prestigious labels around the world like Warp, Soma, Klang, SCSI-AV, Novamute, Satamile, Electrix and was also a founder and chief producer for the UK's 2020 Vision label. With a career crossing three decades Finlow has produced an enormous catalog of music and a quick look at his discography will reveal hundreds of releases and remixes for acclaimed artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Luke Slater, John Tejada, Thomas Heckmann and Eric Estornel. Since moving to France in 2002 he has continued to produce a stream of electro EP's and albums and has played live as far and wide as Tokyo, Moscow, New York and LA. Not content to rest within one genre, Carl has also made many pieces of music for tv and radio around the globe and he continues to push his skills as a composer and a producer.

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Das Muster is the Electro music project of German producer Marcus Mumm.

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CPU is the project of German producer NJOY 140. This track was written in 2010 and then later released on Fundamental Records 3rd edition of the 808 Box series in 2020.

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Volsoc is an American Electro project, consisting of Justin Maxwell and Jean-Paul Bondy. The project was formed after a series of collaborative live performances in the Southern California rave scene in 1999-2000. Combining their individual monikers, Stupid Octave Cat ("soc") and Volum, the two first recorded under this name for the 2001 Abduction Productions compilation, but then released their first 12" on Germany's World Electric.

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Boris Bunnik is the man behind both @Conforce and Versalife and a handful of other aliases. He has been active in producing music of many genres for many years and is now involved in making patches for synthesizers as well. Boris is a versatile and creative soul from the island of Terschelling, Holland. He uses music-making as a way of exploring his place in the world, explaining his feelings, and of processing life.

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