Topic: Help ID an old electro.

Maybe some 90's ELECTRO fans might be able to help me here.

I am looking for an electro track.

In the beginning some footsteps are heard and a male voice saying "some times the room looks longer",
with an echo (smtng like that).
Any ideas?

I heard the track in 1998, maybe its older maybe it was released that year. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Help ID an old electro.

No one?

Re: Help ID an old electro.

We're only a few that still lingers and no one is that in to electro (i think?).
Perhaps try some electro page on Reddit?

Re: Help ID an old electro.

The Electro Empire forum is still around, might try Discogs discussion pages too. I don't know the track, but I did some poking around around and the sample comes from here:

[youtube][/youtube] … ion-Comedy

I also took a quick look at, Madlib sampled that track off the album, but not that particular quote. I didn't see any electro in there.