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Topic: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

My new record is out in September on the
mighty Lunatic (Leipzig)!
The screen printed cover art -
a collage of photos I've taken in China,
done by the label head Philipp Klein!

More info soon!  cool


Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Here's a short video of the artwork screen printing in progress, in Leipzig wink

https://www.facebook.com/manasyt/videos … 7585396572

Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Record label screen printing in action!


Record will be available at the Leipzig gig tomorrow!

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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Here's the full art - 300 hand numbered copies.


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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Out on Sep 15, available on Bandcamp now wink

https://lunaticrecords.bandcamp.com/alb … ic-lottery

Diverse album by Electro veteran Manasyt. On this record the artist shows his own dystopic view on the random game of life. Black or white? Women or men? Sexuality? IQ? State? Religion? Destiny or American Dream? The darkness of this record’s sound doesn’t really leave a choice to answer. Between fast edged drums and off-key harmonics you get thrown into the ups and downs of a likewise horrible as appealing fever dream in seven sequences. The vinyl comes in a handmade screenprinted fullcover, limited to 300 copies. Download code included.

https://soundcloud.com/lunatic707/manas … ic-lottery

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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]


My new LP is available directly from the label now (in Leipzig, Germany) :

https://lunaticrecords.bandcamp.com/alb … ic-lottery

Coming to many shops on Sep 15 (or later). Pre-order:

https://www.deejay.de/Manasyt_The_Genet … l__1030322
https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/manasyt … ry-1048393
https://wordandsound.net/release/145956 … ic-Lottery

https://www.juno.co.uk/products/manasyt … /968218-01
https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/1 … ic-lottery

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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

"Hiroshima Shadow" premiere on the Horror Show! (Poland)



Hosted by Ultra


Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

"Lothar Schramm" premiere on Tracklistings !

https://soundcloud.com/tracklistings3-0 … miere-1349

Also featured on the Future Funk channel:


Blast it

Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

"Autistic Karaoke" premiere on Public House (Scotland) wink

https://soundcloud.com/user-437193000/p … t-autistic


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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

"Black Circle" premiere on Inch By Inch Distribution! (Leipzig)

https://soundcloud.com/inchbyinchdistri … rcle-lun10

Vinyl (all shops) :  https://inchbyinch.lnk.to/LUN10


Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Out today.


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Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]


Time for another freaky music video.
Used footage from an oscure short film I rently saw.
This is my new Youtube channel, old one is dead!

Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

Feature / review & premiere on the killer prolific Italian blog Whitelight // Whiteheat!

https://www.whitelight-whiteheat.com/wl … ic-records

https://soundcloud.com/fabrizio-lusso/w … ic-records

WL//WH is glad to premiere the profoundly hypnotic, subtly disturbing and mindfully constructed, minimal cut “Treatment #8” that unfolds over a light crackling bed of crisp broken beats and sneakingly humming bass ripples, surrounded by obsessive eerie frequencies and pulsing spirals of desolate glossy synth motifs, slowly swirling and droning into a heady expansion of multi-dimensional moods striving for inner deep clarity.


Re: MANASYt - The Generic Lottery (LP) [Lunatic]

"Lothar Schramm" is featured on Dave Clarke's White Noise radio show #924!!!


https://soundcloud.com/tracklistings3-0 … -noise-924