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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-728?i … ight-mixes

This week's episode of @DarkScienceElectro is focused on the music released by an Amsterdam-based label that was started in 1996 by Peel Seamus. @DelsinRecords

All tracks contained in this mix can be purchased here: delsinrecords.bandcamp.com/

Versalife - Instinct
Sterac - Hydroxy
VC-118A - Dither
Reedale Rise - Driftwood
Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind
Delta Funktionen - Frozen Land
CiM - Factory Preset One
Random XS - Five Your Body (DF remix)
Q3A - Untitled 4
Lost Trax - Still
Artefakt - Somatic Dreams
Forest Drive West - Midden Past
Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions
Conforce - First Impression
Gunnar Haslam - Sarsi

Additional resources:

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-729?i … ight-mixes

This week's episode of @DarkScienceElectro is a label highlight focused on the music of Copenhagen-based label Kondi Records which was created by Ruben Andersen in 2002.

Raw, analog, soulful, and very emotional electro with influences from Den Haag, Detroit, Kraftwerk, and Dopplereffekt.

"The goal is to put as much focus as possible on the originality in electronic music, without losing the vintage feel. Let the mind flow and the machines will do the rest!"

Luke Eargoggle - Freaks Are Spinning

Audio Riot - Intersection

The Consumer - Radiology Reference

Reedale Rise - Ancient Intelligence

Anthiliawaters - The Glades

Dynarec - Caged Train

Vessel In Distress - Cnidaria

Rutherford - Atomic Arc Two

Jeremiah R. - Lungfish

Gosub - Heart Breaker

Additional Resources:



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https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-730?i … ight-mixes

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we are taking a deep dive into the catalog of @NewFleshRecords - Hailing from Lyon, the French indie label New Flesh Records was launched in 2010 by Electro artist @umwelt-music and graphic partner @chris-nexus-6

Definitively underground and futuristic, productions oscillate between Electro and Techno styles representing a disaster-stricken world where humans have lost any hope for survival.

All tracks in this mix can be purchased here: newfleshrecords.bandcamp.com/

Dynarec - Moving Corridors
Nite Fleit - Tiny World Of Terror
Serge Geyzel - You Might Not Like Me
Univac - OSC Music
Spectrum Data Forces - Urano Nivel 4
Zeta Reticula - Documented Contact
Foreign Sequence & Jauzas - Talkin' Machines
Norwell - Deadly Maneuvers
Absolute Fiction - Revolve
Franck Kartell - 90 Minutes In Heaven
Deemphasis - We Are
Cosmic Force - The Only Sh_t
Medooza - Dilemna
Kind Human Being - Aphobozal Aqualand
Jauzas The Shining - Can You See It
Roguefrequency - Nebula
Umwelt - Disobedient Planet

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https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-732?i … ce-electro

The 732nd episode of @DarkScienceElectro published 9/29/23

Alavux - Aquatic Supervision
DVS NME - Moral Failures
Poly Chain - Leopard 2A4
Viikatory - UFO
Model 500 - No UFOs (Saigg edit)
Nullptr - Recursor
Ch415 - Spaze Modulations
The Exaltics - 8,000 Miles High
Second Storey - E Honda
DJ Stingray & The Exaltics - Herd Instinct
Featherstone - Macrocosm
Mauri & Dark Vektor - Somos Incomprendidos
IKKo - Le Mur (Poladroïd remix)
Nued Photo - Kontakt
Novamen - Lies

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-733?i … ce-electro

The 733rd episode of @DarkScienceElectro was published on 10/6/23

Boris Divider - Gods Of Olympus
Alonzo - Cause & Effect
Transparent Sound - Freaks Frequency (MVF remix)
Koova - Bladerunner End Credits
Fleck ESC - Ethanol Fury
Datenträeger - Elektrosmog
SIAK Phd - Rev_Limiter
Anthony Nuzzo & Grow - Crimson Sacrifice
Versalife - Raptures Of The Deep
Scape One - Make Your Body Jerk (Don't Stop)
Bass Junkie - Human Error
Nomenklatur - Transcendance (Franck Kartell remix)
T/Error - Church Of Algorithm (Heinrich Dressel remix)
Lazercat - Void06
DVS NME - Continuity & Rupture
Igors Vorobjovs - Nh3
Solar Chrome - Schatten Unseres Seins
R21 - PopBot
DVS NME - Commie Blocks

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro


Episode 734 of @DarkScienceElectro was published on 10/13/23

Jadzia - Unlearn
Credit 00 - Let It Roll
DJ Mell G - Distrubed Mind
Otis Key - Copy Natural Process At Nanoscale
Reptant - Lizard Eyes
Microthol & Clatterbox - Intertronic
Mellodroid - Apocalypse On Titan
Mokotron - Push Back
Francois Dillinger - Agitated Particles
Dlms - Thinner Than Idris
Lok44 - Dime (FR Zapp remix)
The Oscilloscope - Pre Op
DVS NME - Conglomerate
CT Kidobo - Teller-Ulam Design

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https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-735?i … ce-electro

The 735th episode of @DarkScienceElectro published 10/20/23

Sansibar - My Boom (Reptant remix)
Jauzas The Shining - Hot Summer
False Persona - Subtraction
Cybotron - The Golden Ratio
Cyborg Rhetoric - Saav
Nullptr - Phase Function
MystesSystem - Trick Of The Eyesight
N-Ter - Mom
AS1 - Aqua Flow
Elecktroids - Magnetic Field
kon001 - Mountain Base 011M
Luke Eargoggle - Databahn (feat VCS2600)
Abdu Kshun - Autopsy
Data Collector - The Editor
DVS NME - Extinction
The Oscilloscope - Cnap

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https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-736?i … ce-electro

Episode 736 of @DarkScienceElectro published 10/27/2023

Global Goon - Digit Six
Terrestrial Access Network - Hydro Palace
5ZYL - Xpand
Terens K - Vampire Research
Le Car - Audiofile 12
False Persona - Headrush
Brain Enterprise - Binn
Fleck ESC - Fur Mental
Exigen - Stellar Power
Robert Hecht & Int Main - Meta-Measure
Roi - Pena
Ultradyne - True To The Realm
DVS NME - The Luddites

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https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-737?i … ce-electro

Episode 737 of @DarkScienceElectro published 11/3/2023

Phelan Kane - Frame Dragging (Fleck ESC remix)
Maschine Brennt - Atomic (v2)
Kwasir - I Put A Spell On You
Nullptr - Portal
DVS NME - The Lobbyist
Noamm - Tele-Vision
T/Error - Deep Space (Cignol remix)
The Oscilloscope - Sweet Wound
Arpanet - Even Horizon
DPO - Replication Experiment
Pametex - DX100 Pro-One
Layup - Black Gap
Synth Alien - We Never Came Back
Luke Vibert - Analord
Mandroid - New Wave Freaks
Dopplereffekt - Gene Silencing
Commuter - Hope & Fear

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-738?i … ce-electro

Episode 738 of @DarkScienceElectro published 11/10/2023

Robotron - Pornographix (feat Egyptian Lover)
Doileir - Closing Chapter
Alex Jann - Mind Control Uses
Noamm - Exobiology Radiation Assembly
DVS NME - Technofeudalism
Steve Allman - Initiate Experiment
N4In002 - N9
Go Nuclear - Exotic Dancer
Shedbug - The Chase
Dip Shim - Attestuppa
The Hidden Persuader - Stay Low
Drexciya - Beyond The Abyss
Plant43 - Radiant Flux
Gated Reverb - Isolation

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-739?i … ce-electro

Human Rebellion - Telepathic Groove
Ara-u - Intoxication
Faca - Miracle Money (S T R K T U R remix)
Grow - Interdimensional Telepathy (Fleck ESC remix)
Featherstone - Arrival
Funktor - Receiver
Client_03 - Panic Multiplier
Imogen & Stingray - A New Earth
Noamm - Exobiology Radiation Assembly
DVS NME - Poly Crisis
STP2P - 2mch
Djedjotronic - Not Real
Moralez - Temple Of Light (Commuter remix)
Thomas Kress - Robot Body Experience
Jauzas the Shining - Gravity Waves (feat dynArec)
Ashtar Lavanda - Opulence
Teslasonic - Quantum Paradox
The Consumer - Dissociate Identity

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dark-scie … ce-electro

Faca - Whipped Cream
Funktor - Critical Point
CEM3340 - Sedna
Composite Profuse - Thronic (Teslasonic remix)
ERP - El Camino
Boris Divider - Evolution
Scape One - The Star Fraction
DVS NME - Speculative Logic
Alonzo - Murmurio
Das Muster - Gedankenkontrole
Luxus Varta - Everlost
Silicon Scally - Revelations
Heliopause - Doppelspalt
Mutex - Binary Perceptions
Eoism - The Last To Know
Commuter - People Are Good (DM vs KW edit)
Franck Kartell - Dream Or Reality
DJ Astrobee - HV 2112 Mystics

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-741?i … ce-electro

Episode 741 of Dark Science Electro published 12/1/2023

Solar Chrome - Orbital Lifter
Obergman - Entanglement
DVS NME - Crispy Critters
DJ Godfather - Funk For The Trunk
Serge Geyzel - Energy Status
Ara-U - Intoxication
Personne Alienee - Bass Inquisition
MANASYt - SNS Sensation
Cyborg Rhetoric - Exiting
Carl Finlow - Modus Operandi
Eoism - Relapsing Cycles
Jeremiah R - Bioluminescence
3Kz - Intelligent Universe
Cignol - Modularity
Franck Kartell - Time Machine
Anthony Rother - Electro Don't Stop
Djedjotronic - Cruising
UHU - NGC 001
The Exaltics - We Know What You Mean

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-742?i … ce-electro

The Hacker - Past&Future
Nullptr - Sclera
Franck Kartell - Renaissance
Das Muster - Unbekannte Kräfte
Der Noir - Done (Teslasonic remix)
Splitradix - PS31 Moxie
Teslasonic - Radio Transmitter
AS1 - Untold Secrets
Obermann - Regelwerk
DVS NME -  The Synergist
Microslav - Sam Sa Tobom
Boris Divider - Escape From District 7
MeaComplex - Metaverse
Voice Stealer - Evaluation
Obsolete Robotics - We Are Obsolete
Brice Kelly - The Need

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/best-of-2 … ce-electro

2023 has unarguably been a great year for Electro both with overall visibility for the public as well as with the sheer number of quality releases being put out over the year. With a newfound buzz surrounding my beloved genre, I'm hardly keeping up! I feel like It was a busy year both production-wise and promotion-wise for @DVSNME and @DarkScienceElectro respectively, however, I found some time to put together a mix of my personal favorite tracks from 2023. Thanks to all the artists and DJs for the promos that made this mix possible. (@dvsnme December 15th, 2023)

Alex Jann - Infomaterial
Steve Allman - Initiate Experiment
False Persona - Headrush
Featherstone - Arrival
DJ Godfather - Funk For The Trunk
Human Rebellion - Telepathic Groove
Grow - F.T.P. (Mark Starr remix)
Sansibar - My Boom (Reptant remix)
Client_03 - Panic Multiplier
Zeta Reticula - Ionization
Reptant - Lizard Eyes
Noamm - Exobiology Radiation Assembly
Lunar Tropics - Venus In Virgo
CYRK - Attack Of The Blowup Dolls
Kenneth X - Bunkerdepp
Versalife - Polychron
No Hype Crew - Euler's Formula
Dip Shim - Digital Warfare
Fleck ESC - Invisible
Faca - Whipped Cream
Funktor - Critical Point
Mokotron - Push Back
CEM3340 - Highwheel
Ben Pest - Bad B
iNFO - Rhetoric
Aether Pilot - Macrosphere
Ninechecker - Generating Coastline
Sinitsin - Roswell
Boris Divider - Your Light
Robotron - Pornographix (feat Egyptian Lover)
Lefrenk - Plastic (Pablo Funk remix)
DL/MS/ - Thinner Than Idris
Lazercat - Void06 (KafkaCtrl remix)
Nullptr - Portal
CH415 - Spaze Modulations
Ultradyne - Native Serenade
DVS NME - Debt Trap
Djedjotronic - Not Real
T/Error - Computer Controlled Future
Plant43 - Silent Core
Blackploid - Pulsation
Solar Chrome - Maschinen Absurd
Silicon Scally - Super Fluid Tone
Teslasonic - Trantor
Lwptch - Morning, Evacuate
Moralez - Temple Of Light (Commuter remix)
Eoism - Relapsing Cycles
Bass Junkie - Bubble Funk (Radioactive Man remix)
Luxus Varta - Everlost
Viikatory - Heart Wave
Parallel Planet - New Generation
Franck Kartell - Acoustic Intelligence
Lowfish - Mostly Cloudy
Global Goon - Digit Six
The Oscilloscope - Cinap

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-744?i … ce-electro

Episode 744 of @DarkScienceElectro - Published 12/22/2023

Anthony Rother - Mad World
Obergman - Entanglement
Eoism - Rise Up
Nullptr - Phase Function
Univac - Osc Music
Rolando Simmons - Laniakea Supercouture
Nachtwald - A Trial & Conviction of Espionage
DVS NME - Spectacle Society
Telecom Eireann - Dual Drive
Mark Starr - Unique Freak
Lloyd Stellar - Frozen Worlds
The Bandit - Misunderstood
Cyan85 - Contamination Phonk
N-Ter - Pannonian Sea
Microslav - Ego
DVS NME - Redesigned

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-746?i … ce-electro

Based in London, Katya is a 27-year-old DJ and Electro enthusiast. Her sets are typically filled with carefully selected Electro, Techno, Breakbeat, New Beat, & Trance, with a focus on the deeper and spookier sounds. This mix, created for @darkscienceelectro, encapsulates the beauty of the slower side of Electro - plenty of synths & slick melodies

DJ XED - Sferik
Inovolts - Arper
Juaan - Un Dia de Emociones
Brice Kelly - Comp Me
Cybereign - Machine Man
Exzakt - Increase The Pressure
Krypton 81 - Das Unbekannte
Ural 13 Diktators - Disko Kings
MagikBitum - Le Dauphin Noir
Obergman - Regelverk
Dj Godfather - Funk For The Trunk
Porn.Darsteller - 599 00..!
Dr. Scissors - More Out
Vloon - Dirty Affair
Third Culture - U Move
Exzakt - City of Bass
Cameron Paul - This is a Test
Juaan - forthcoming
Greg May - Bichonic (unreleased)
Orgue Electronique - Moscow (1984 remix)
Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique - Pussy Groove
Leipe Wesens - Plain & Simple (instrumental)

Further resources:
Booking email: katya.wav @ gmail.

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-747?i … ce-electro

@Non-Punire is the music project of 31-year-old Franco. As both a producer and DJ, this Catalonia-based artist explores electronic soundscapes with grey atmospheres and desolate-sounding textures. Franco has been active for more than 10 years and recently published his first release in 2023 with the help of @Brokntoys - For this exclusive @DarkScienceElectro mix, @Non-Punire serves up a one-hour mix of suspense and drama for discerning listeners.

The Jaffa Kid - Lost Wave II
Gedankenexperiment - Radiation Vacuum
Moralez - Optical Illusion
Kobol Electronics - Intellicon
Igors Vorobjovs - The Future Was Here
Ninechecker - Computer Armor
Johnfaustus - Phoebe
Interviews - Engine
Univac - Sample This
Alessandro Adriani - Wounds
Charleeps - Odelion (Honey Mix)
Shokh - Colonia Chelonia
Chupacabras - Coarse Encounter
Obergman - Dirac Spinor
AdXP - Aquatic Region
Drakkar Noir - Calibrator (Marco Segato remix)
TeslaSonic - The Game Is Out There

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-748?i … ce-electro

EpZ, born in France in 1977, fell in love with electronic music in 1996
after discovering the art of DJing in the early 90's. He hosted his first electronic event in Lyon with his friends, and since then has hosted many events, and played at tons of parties, raves, and festivals around the world. He is also a producer whose releases can be found on Bandcamp as well as Diffuse Reality.

EpZ - Summer 2052
Sepehr - Darklords
D.Vice - Big Bang Theory
D.Vices - Ghosts (LectrOcOd_E remix)
Kuldaboli - Sálinni blæðir út (feat. Djöfullinn Sjálfur)
Aquatronics - Hydrosaurus
Ben Pest -Mouth Lawson
AS1 - Mood_Sequence 007
Anthony Rother - Anachronism
Elektrotechnik - Raum
Maelstrom - Outlast (Milestone Mix)
Gesloten Cirkel - Zombie Machine
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Raw
Skee Mask - Shred 08
iJJ - Body Shaping
Morphology - Zilog Z80
Laurent Garnier - Tales From The Real World (Voltaire remix)
Client_03 - Sens Combiner
K-65 - Red Room
Third Culture - U Move
Nuclear Prophet - I Am Nuklear
Näsh - Module Gang
Demetae - Fonction of Unity
Melatron & Ancient Artefact - I Get My Kicks
Josh Wink - Shoelaces (Instrumental)

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-749?i … ce-electro

Aflatoon-Acid is a dynamic music duo consisting of Shapeshifter.flac and Armurd, based in the sonic city of Bombay. With a deep passion for music, they have spent years exploring various genres and honing their craft. This mix showcases their love for Electro music and was produced exclusively for Dark Science Electro.

Animistic Beliefs - Otherworld Biology
D3 - Descent
Jim Gourgoutis - Acidfk
Omar - Techno Victim
Daed - Reckoning
Neonicle - Blackbird Sr-71
Teslasonic - Amphibian 606
Code Rising - By Your Command
Ectomorph + Dj Godfather - Odd Job
JTC - In Transit (DMX Krew remix)
Silicon Scally - Impetus
Obzerv - The Network
DMX Krew - 2 more 606es

Additional resources:

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-750?i … ce-electro

Mr. Atomic is the alias of North Carolina-based @DJ-Kris-Krause - He has been actively DJing and producing since 1991 with a handful of releases on labels like Active Analog, ECU, and Outside Recordings (of which he is a co-founder). He hosts a weekly Twitch stream every Sunday where he plays a wide variety of music that inspires him. This non-stop mix made exclusively for @DarkScienceElectro shows off his love for Electro while still showing his flair for other genres influencing his sets.

James Shinra - Drowse
Umwelt - Liason Covalenta (Revival mix)
Cyborg Rhetoric - Exiting
Si Begg - MS10 Machine Funk
Silicon Scally - Spin Ratio
RTR - Retork
Lake Haze - First Contact
Unite November - VCO
DJ Sploo - Unreleased
Nphonic - VR
J Frank - Auto Addict
ADJ - Feel The Force
Chimpendales - Monkey 1
Fleck ESC - Fur Mental
Sinitsin - Transistor
Vertical67 - Change Of Heart

Additional resources

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-751?i … ce-electro

Gavin O'Sullivan is an Irish producer/DJ better known in the Electro community as @Breakdata - He has been producing music since 2017 though he did grow up frequenting Dublin clubs as a lad. He draws on influences that range from Electro and Techno to Rock and even Metal. He operates a weekly radio show on Dublin radio's Power FM on Tuesdays at 23:00 where he plays a wide variety of music. This mix created for @DarkScienceElectro is unified to take you on a pure Electro voyage. Play it loud.

DMX Krew ft. Blak Tony - Night Creatures
Breakdata - Say What
Alexander Kowalski - DGTSU
Djedjotronic - Abyssal Zone
Demia E.Clash - Retronix
JI & AC - Abstract Model
Ozone Recordings - Remote Manipulator
Code Rising/Gucci Bass - Don't Stop The Beat
Boris Barksdale - Hand Off
Univac - 1
Spectrums Data Forces - Raw Rat
Rogue Frequency - Alpha Wave
Robodroid - Dark Laugh (Code Rising remix)
Mad Mike - The Illuminator

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-752?i … ce-electro

@djtygre is the alias of San Francisco-based Andreas Tagger. He started DJing in 1995 and was active in the underground rave scene of Philadelphia until around 2000 when he opted to take a long hiatus from DJing. After the break, he recently became inspired by the darker sounds of Electro and Techno and has since been producing mixes at a break-neck speed in the last year. He told me that this mix "is meant to evoke the qualities of vintage computing magazines, vocoded pinball speech, and breakdancing under foggy strobe lights." Enjoy!

Mike Ash - Human Interaction
The Exaltics & Sync 24 - Years In Ten Days
Steffi & Stingray Explanatory Power
Robodrum - Machine Funk
Model Citizens - Drive
Kounterakt - Back to Life
Human Rebellion - Danger
Ufaze - Nihilist
Serge Geyzel - Things Happen
Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle - Broken Electronix
Cyan85 - Elektro 0ffens1ve
Stingray - Image Search
Fastgraph - VSAT
AUX88 - My Electro Visions
Lloyd Stellar - Won't Survive

Additional resources:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dj.tygre/

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-753?i … ce-electro

Thelenny (@lil_ln) is a 23-year-old DJ from Belarus who found her love of Electro music after hearing a track by Detroit's Filthiest at a nightclub in Saint Petersburg. She started DJing in late 2019 and has since hosted guest mixes on several notable Electro outlets like Tracklistings, Noise To Meet You, and more. For this @DarkScienceElectro mix, she highlights some high-energy Electro tracks that are sure to get you moving. She is also a budding producer and label-mate of mine over at Blind Allies.

Pyramid Of Knowledge - Abuse
Robodrum - Pilot
Ara-u - Intoxication
Annika Wolfe - Sea of Lust
Syrte - Freak the Box
dvidevat - Eidetic
Atakta - Rain again
Viikatory - Analog State
Saigg - La Foundation
Machine Ethics - True North
Random Alias - Fast Rate
Umwelt - Airplanes In My Dreams (Umwelt Remix)
Ement - Roboquest
Human Rebellion - Hypersonic Weapons
ROBODROID - Dark Laugh
Cycloplex - Intercepted
Zeta Reticula - Host Star
ENG8 - Resist the beast while we exist
Kwasir - I Put A Spell On You
Club Mayz - The Domain Of Night (CJ Bolland remix)
Stanny Abram - Acido Electrico

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

https://soundcloud.com/dvsnme/dse-745?i … ce-electro

@Rogue_Filter is an Electro producer and DJ from the south of England. He’s been a fan of Electro since the mid 80’s from when he first got hold of the 'Street Sounds' Electro albums and was introduced to the likes of Hashim, Cybotron, Egyptian Lover, Nucleus, etc. He has also been releasing Electro tunes under the same alias since 2017. He described himself to me as "not an overly prolific producer" but he has a few tracks in the works that will be released thereafter.

Viikatory - UFO
/DL/MS/ - I Gibbeum
DJ Godfather - That Electro Shit
Detroit In Effect - Detroit Techno Bass
Dark Prophet - Teleportation Non-Stop
The Egyptian Lover - This That Old School
Shann-X - Evil Humans
Ninechecker - Computer Armour
Sound Synthesis - Electronic Machines
AC & JI - Not a Test
Detroit in effect - Transparency
Cybotron - Maintain
DJ3000 - Waiting In the Darkness
Model 500 - Huesca

Additional resources: