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This week's episode of @DarkScienceElectro is focused on the music released by an Amsterdam-based label that was started in 1996 by Peel Seamus. @DelsinRecords

All tracks contained in this mix can be purchased here:

Versalife - Instinct
Sterac - Hydroxy
VC-118A - Dither
Reedale Rise - Driftwood
Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind
Delta Funktionen - Frozen Land
CiM - Factory Preset One
Random XS - Five Your Body (DF remix)
Q3A - Untitled 4
Lost Trax - Still
Artefakt - Somatic Dreams
Forest Drive West - Midden Past
Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions
Conforce - First Impression
Gunnar Haslam - Sarsi

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ight-mixes

This week's episode of @DarkScienceElectro is a label highlight focused on the music of Copenhagen-based label Kondi Records which was created by Ruben Andersen in 2002.

Raw, analog, soulful, and very emotional electro with influences from Den Haag, Detroit, Kraftwerk, and Dopplereffekt.

"The goal is to put as much focus as possible on the originality in electronic music, without losing the vintage feel. Let the mind flow and the machines will do the rest!"

Luke Eargoggle - Freaks Are Spinning

Audio Riot - Intersection

The Consumer - Radiology Reference

Reedale Rise - Ancient Intelligence

Anthiliawaters - The Glades

Dynarec - Caged Train

Vessel In Distress - Cnidaria

Rutherford - Atomic Arc Two

Jeremiah R. - Lungfish

Gosub - Heart Breaker

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This week on @DarkScienceElectro we are taking a deep dive into the catalog of @NewFleshRecords - Hailing from Lyon, the French indie label New Flesh Records was launched in 2010 by Electro artist @umwelt-music and graphic partner @chris-nexus-6

Definitively underground and futuristic, productions oscillate between Electro and Techno styles representing a disaster-stricken world where humans have lost any hope for survival.

All tracks in this mix can be purchased here:

Dynarec - Moving Corridors
Nite Fleit - Tiny World Of Terror
Serge Geyzel - You Might Not Like Me
Univac - OSC Music
Spectrum Data Forces - Urano Nivel 4
Zeta Reticula - Documented Contact
Foreign Sequence & Jauzas - Talkin' Machines
Norwell - Deadly Maneuvers
Absolute Fiction - Revolve
Franck Kartell - 90 Minutes In Heaven
Deemphasis - We Are
Cosmic Force - The Only Sh_t
Medooza - Dilemna
Kind Human Being - Aphobozal Aqualand
Jauzas The Shining - Can You See It
Roguefrequency - Nebula
Umwelt - Disobedient Planet

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The 732nd episode of @DarkScienceElectro published 9/29/23

Alavux - Aquatic Supervision
DVS NME - Moral Failures
Poly Chain - Leopard 2A4
Viikatory - UFO
Model 500 - No UFOs (Saigg edit)
Nullptr - Recursor
Ch415 - Spaze Modulations
The Exaltics - 8,000 Miles High
Second Storey - E Honda
DJ Stingray & The Exaltics - Herd Instinct
Featherstone - Macrocosm
Mauri & Dark Vektor - Somos Incomprendidos
IKKo - Le Mur (Poladroïd remix)
Nued Photo - Kontakt
Novamen - Lies