Topic: VA - Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 7 // KRAFTJERKZ 075

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NEW RELEASE! … e-volume-7

Various Artists - Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 7


Kraftjerkz compilation series strikes a seventh time proving to be a formidable player within american electro and the world in general. On this outing of the celebrated Machine Funk series, we feature Ole Mic Odd with a track properly paying tribute to early Juan Atkins circa "Cosmic Cars" era. Next is Alonzo & Deroboter with an overdriven, hard, miami bass track. Then comes Konerytmi with a funky, punchy, traditionally scandinavian sound. Next is Kid Ginseng with Questosahn scratching feverously over Ginseng's LA electro beat. Then Blint with a track reminiscent of I-F's funkier electro. Finally we end up with Cybereign's hard track which stands up to any detroit technobass. This is who we are. Electro from america and beyond.

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