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Lee Cee is a Scottish DJ who started collecting vinyl in 1997 and started her journey into public performance shortly thereafter in 2002. This Paisley-based selector has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Co-Accused, Jerome Hill, DJ Pierre, and more. Her mixes have shown up on a variety of online and physical radio programs alike. For this exclusive @DarkScienceElectro mix we will take a listen into her more Electro sensibilities when behind the decks.

DMX Krew - Depressed Mutant
Yandira - El Asalto a Ribaroja (Dark Vector remix)
Ben Pest - Come To the Yard
Manao - Neblina
Magda Rot - Triads
Manao - Definicion Cero
Carl Finlow - Syncopated Automated
Human Rebellion - Censored Truth
The Advent & Zein Ferreira - Defend Your Planet
Alex Jann - Mind Control Uses
Magda Rot - Coincidences
Steve Allman - Darkness
Imogen & Ben Pest - Synth of Hearts
Steve Allman - Initiate Experiment
Human Rebellion - Kosmik Trip
AC - Line Of Sight
Imogen x DJ Stingray 313 - A New Earth

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@RayLaSoul is the alias of Netherlands-based DJ Ray Sedney. For years Ray played electronic music like House, Techno Drum & Bass, and more. During the pandemic, something musically changed for him and he rediscovered his love for Electro after a long break since his breakdancing youth. Currently he not only mixes his weekly radio show Space Is The Place, he also creates Electro tunes under his alias Qamar Sol. This is his exclusive mix for @DarkScienceElectro

Lloyd Stellar - Colorful Machine
Larionov - We Came To Dance DEF
Telesumo - Out Of Theory
Tans - Always Think Of You
Morphology - Spacetime Interval
Telesumo - Devoid (Humechanical mix)
Cliff Dalton - Panthalassa
Exzakt - Taking Over the System (TS mix1)
G303, Zodiac Childs - The 8th Of The 8th
Demetae - Calculate
Anthony Rother - Anachronism
Qamar Sol - They Anonymise Themselves
Acid Project - Energy Vibe (Break2Break Mix)
Scape One - Timelike Geodesics
Plant43 - Mind Drift
Fleck ESC - Domino Production
Featherstone - Hyphae
Versalife - Vortex Storm
Lloyd Stellar, Francois Dillinger - Destiny > Gravity
F-Word - Sleepy Bird

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@CH415 is a Dublin based, Welsh, Electro producer. He started DJing in the mid-nineties, playing mostly Detroit Techno records at clubs in Cardiff, Swansea and raves around Wales. After moving to Ireland in 2005 Chris played regularly at parties, clubs and festivals around Ireland. He’s currently focused on producing hardware electro tracks, releasing records on Furthur Electronix, Brokntoys and AC Records. The mix is a selection of some of his favorite tracks, past and present.

Uexkull - Keonigs Division
Wavejumpers - Cetacean Nation
DMX Krew - Echelon
Albert Van Abbe - Rytumtraks 0002 (Rudolf Klorzeiger remix)
Suburban Knight - Maroon
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
Silicon Scally - Dark Matter
Chaos - Afrogermanic
Shifted Phases - Scattering Pulsars
Cybotron - Maintain
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
AFX - Where’s Your Girlfriend?
Shifted Phases - Solar Wind
UR - Untitled
Microthol - Hostile Invasion
214 - This One’s For Rexing
Your Favourite Martian - 808° (ST Mix)
Anthony Rother - Don’t Stop The Beat
Microthol - Dissonanz
Chaos - The Safety Is Off

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Lex G (@lexgbanano) is a DJ from the United Kingdom, best known for founding and running independent record label @GunfingerFood - He is also an active party promoter who recently teamed up with @Controlled-Weirdness to put on the party called 'Collision' in London, bringing together some of the finest old and new local talent, testing the boundaries of Electro music. Lex described himself as a longtime fan of @DarkScienceElectro and has selected a collection of his favorite artists and labels for this exclusive mix.

Sinitsin - Replica
Sound Synthesis - Communication Frequency
Acidulant - Institutionize Planet X
Ninechecker - Me & My Three Sons
PRZ - Touch Down
Kalcagni - Manners
James Shinra - Miluv
Larionov - Asteroid Attack
CEM3340 - Highwheel
Ben Pest - Strict Saws
Generali Minerali - Reverse Time
Human Rebellion - Unstable Energy
PRZ - Double Data
Fobos Hailey - Broken Mind
James Infiltrate - Isolate
Privacy - Meduse

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De La Chasse is a 40-year-old DJ based in the west of France. He got into Electro music roughly 20 years ago after discovering bands like Drexciya and Mandroid. Since then he has made it his duty as a DJ (for the last 15 years) to broadcast the under-represented styles within Electronic music like Minimal Wave, EBM, and Electro. He is also a producer under the same alias. His mix for @DarkScienceElectro is precisely what you have grown to expect from DJs that are handpicked by @DVSNME

Cryogenetic - Othaside
Boris Divider – Genoma (recloned)
Alek Stark – Singularity
De La Chasse – Cimetière de bateaux
DMX Krew – Echelon
Composite Profuse – CRC666
Simulant – Wav. Form
VCS 2600 - Ion Teleportation
Kan3da – Bung
Arnold Steiner – The Patient One
Gosub – The Rain Comes Down
Time Light Curve – Multipole vector
ERP – El Camino
Transllusion – Unordinary Realities

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Jon Drukman (@basskittens-music) has been producing electronic music for over 30 years. He has released Electro, Breakbeat, Ambient, Dub, Synthpop, Industrial, Rock, Techno and more under a plethora of
aliases. He currently lives in San Francisco with his family and three cats (two actual bass
kittens). His favorite synthesizer is the miniKORG 700FS, although that may change tomorrow.

KittyTr0nz - Time Factor
Global Goon - Metallik
The JDs - Kitty Litter (Electro Remix)
Bass Kittens & Justin Maxwell - The Red Kiss
Goldcode - The Day After (Bass Kittens remix)
Shiver - Subsonic Soundscape
Sync24 - Resynth
JI & AC - Vvs
Bass Kittens - Hard Corpse
Pretension All Stars - All My Bloops Gone (Single Cell Orchestra remix)
Volum - Shifty Distancing (JSD Edit)
Frankenstein’s Cat - Circuitry
The Advent & Zein Ferreira - Journey To The Deep
Pretension All Stars - Complex Chemistry

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