Topic: VA : New World Vol. 2 [Tiger Weeds]

New World Vol. 2 is the sequel to Tiger Weeds' first VA compilation.

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The core concept of the "New World" series remains intact, encompassing a variety of styles and aesthetics with Electro consistently serving as the cornerstone.
This compilation features both established and emerging artists who bring their unique perspectives to the continually evolving Electro landscape.
This is the next phase that pushes the boundaries of the genre even further.

1. Francois Dillinger x Lloyd Stellar - Design Dreams
2. Sinitsin - Biometric
3. Waste - Base δ
4. Monodroids - Epanekinisi
5. EKATA - Level
6. Kafkactrl - Reflexive Closure
7. CT Kidobo - Shock
8. Ole Mic Odd - Laughing Gas
9. ELEKTROTECHNIK & Grid User - Cybernetic Minds
10. Morken - Fading
11. MANASYt - Jugular (Live)
12. DVS NME - Excess Profits

Mastered by: Rude66
Catalogue number: TWDIG02
Release date: April 29, 2024

Re: VA : New World Vol. 2 [Tiger Weeds]

Video for my track:

The original version is from Apophenic (EP)
Clear 10" on KinetiK Records (Greece)