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Topic: Unlimited Edit Potential -Direct Note Access

Coming out this Fall from Melodyne (the creators of perfect pitch)

Input any digital music file to separate all the notes with in that file, allowing you to manipulate those notes/parts to your  ear's desire. 

Not sure if it will really work that well but the video makes it look amazing.....


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Re: Unlimited Edit Potential -Direct Note Access

this goes in General Hardware / Software Discussion not daily ufo.

Re: Unlimited Edit Potential -Direct Note Access

I saw that clip some months back and it has been a hot topic among all of my engineer friends.  It's pretty incredible!  The melodyne plug replaced auto-tune ages ago for basic vocal 'correction' but this is in a whole new league.

As the mad creator demonstrates, it works perfectly with single instruments playing chords, but I wonder what it would pull out of a complete song.

Re: Unlimited Edit Potential -Direct Note Access

Wow that's crazy. So now musicians don't even have to play well either.

"We'll fix it on Melodyne!"

Glad the technology is there though.

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